Full Search

Sage Search Partners provides comprehensive search services tailored to the needs of each client, as well as a selection of partial search services.

We will partner with our clients throughout the entire search process and beyond, from assisting with position definition, to resolving terms of employment, to helping to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. In broad outline, our clients can expect us to provide the following services:

Assessment and Definition

We will conduct an extensive site visit during which we will meet with
key individuals and groups whose knowledge, position and perspective can contribute to an in-depth assessment of the position and the organization.

We will write a detailed description of the position and the organization
for broad distribution to individuals and organizations nationwide.

We will work with our client to develop an effective search strategy,
including timeline, compensation guidelines, advertising and networking

Research and Recruiting

We will network extensively, drawing on our own databases, professional
associations, information online and other resources. Over the course of the search, we will reach out to hundreds of individuals, informing them of the opportunity through in-depth discussion of the position and the organization.

We will identify candidates whose background, accomplishments, personality
and character are best suited to the position and the organization. We will recruit individuals not currently seeking a new position, and actively seek candidates from under-represented groups.


We will present a pool of highly qualified individuals to our client within
a specified period of time and assist with the selection of candidates for interview.

We will advise on the structure of the interview process, providing questions,
and, where appropriate, observing the interview process.

We will conduct extensive referencing as candidates move through the search
process, presenting a comprehensive assessment on the basis of multiple conversations with supervisors, peers, staff, and colleagues.

Final Steps

We will help to facilitate open communication between our client and the
final candidate and assist with the resolution of issues regarding terms or conditions of employment.

We will inform candidates not chosen for the position, as well as other
relevant parties, of the outcome of the search.

We will remain in regular contact with our client and the final candidate
after the search has closed, helping to ensure a smooth and successful transition in leadership.


Pre-Search Consultation

We will conduct a site visit of one to two days, during which we will meet
with individuals at or involved with the organization whose knowledge, position, and perspective can contribute to an in-depth assessment of the organization and the position. If appropriate, we will conduct benchmarking
conversations with peer organizations to gather additional information and comparison data.

Using this information, we will generate a confidential assessment of the organization, a detailed description of the position, and a recommended search strategy. This service helps the organization to clarify its goals for the position, to ensure buy-in from relevant constituencies, and to anticipate conflicts and confusion that may surface during the search. Clients who have created a new position in their organization or who anticipate challenges in recruiting may find this service particularly valuable.

Candidate Pool Supplementation

We will use our networks and other sources of information to identify additional candidates to expand and diversify the existing pool. We will provide and evaluate as many additional candidates as are needed to ensure the likelihood of a successful search.

Search Committee Consultation and Interview Training

We will assist our clients in developing an interview technique that is
best suited to the position and the candidate, in many cases providing the exact questions that will result in the most productive interview. If desired, we will also participate in client interviews with candidates and help facilitate the decision-making process.


We will engage in confidential conversations with individuals who have
interacted with candidates in a variety of ways and at different points in their careers. Our aim is to give a complete and candid assessment of the candidates from multiple perspectives.

Recruitment Training for Human Resources Staff

Organizations typically retain search firms for senior-level searches,
leaving mid-level manager recruitments to their human resources staff. We are available for a one-day consultation to help human resources staff design recruitment techniques and strategies that in-house staff can implement effectively and efficiently.

Speaking Engagements

We are available to make presentations on a variety of search-related topics
to membership organizations as well as to individual institutions.